Every company and LLP has obligations to keep statutory records and to file information about certain events in the its life with Companies House. There are also legal requirements relating to meetings and the provision of information to shareholders.

Although there is no longer a requirement for a Company Secretary these task still need to be performed and we can explain to you what is needed. Many of our clients prefer to have us deal with all the company secretarial matters on their behalf and we are happy to do this.

The advantages of LFF dealing with these matters on your behalf will be discussed at an early stage.

Registered office

By law a company or LLP must have a “registered office” and the address of this must appear in all correspondence and other external communications. It is to this address that official (Companies House, HMRC and much legal) correspondence is sent.

Whilst most business will have their business premises as the registered office many prefer to use our address so as to ensure that official letters etc are dealt with promptly. Many businesses which operate from the owner’s home address also use this service so that there is a degree of privacy retained to the home address.

We will take you through the pros and cons of this decision.