Most business people will not do this very often, and those that do will understand and appreciate the benefits and value of good professional support and advice.
Our advice and support help you through the process. It will be important that you get it right at each stage and essential that you ensure that the many potential tax traps that exist are avoided.

The precise role that your LFF team member plays will depend on the circumstances but in all cases he or she will give you unbiased and relevant advice on the key issues and very often on points which may seem to be minor details but which in reality can be very important. This independent advice can sometimes include things that you might perhaps not like to hear – but nonetheless such points can need to be considered.

The process ranges from the identification of the target (either the business to be bought or the buyer of your business), through the provision or acquisition of information, the agreement of the price and then the (sometimes very difficult) agreement of details of the contract, finally to completion.

And then, if you have bought a business the hard work begins; and if you have sold a business you will need to decide what to do with the proceeds.

Each of these assignments is unique and we will need to discuss together who does what and the timescales to which the work is to be done. You will usually also need the support of a good lawyer and if you need an introduction we can help with this too